Functional coatings

 Using bio-inspired approaches, Symbiose Biomaterials is developing coatings to confer new functionalities to materials.

New functionalities and applications

Symbiose Biomaterials is using active biomolecules (read more) as functional compounds in its coatings. In particular, Symbiose Biomaterials works on the following functionalities:

  • antimicrobial 
  • biofilm prevention
  • anti-grease
  • anti-fouling
  • VOC capture

 Examples of ongoing developments:

  • METABIO project - Prevention of infection on dental implants (read more)
  • BIO-AFP project - Development of anti-fingerprint coatings (read more)
  • Antimicrobial coating on medical devices
  • Prevention of bacterial biofilm formation

Coating technologies

Depending on the nature of the surface to coat, the functionality to bring and the adhesion strength needed for the application, different strategies are proposed.

Symbiose Biomaterials has developed three alternative coating technologies which are compatible with dipping, spraying or roll-coating techniques:

Alternatively, Symbiose Biomaterials is also collaborating with other partners to work on other coating technologies, such as plasma interlayers (with LIST), sol-gel coatings (with Ionics and UMons), polymer composite coating (with CRM AC&CS) as well as an organic-based monolayer (with ULB).