Symbiose Biomaterials is a start-up company founded in 2013 which is active in the field of Molecular Biomimetics, meaning the development, at the molecular scale, of nature-inspired products and processes.

In practice, molecules from nature are identified and selected to answer client needs. To fit industrial requirements, they are then modified in the laboratory and/or combined to synthetic materials through environmentally-friendly and safe processes.

The expertise of Symbiose Biomaterials comes from 6 years of research within the University of Liège (GIGA, CERM and NanoChem) and the former research center of ArcelorMittal (now part of CRM Group).

Symbiose Biomaterials offers customized R&D services to answer industrial needs. At the end of the development phase, Symbiose Biomaterials will industrialize the developed bio-inspired compounds and formulations.