Bio-inspired polymers



In nature, mussels are able to anchor onto a large variety of substrates (rocks and concrete, wood and ropes, ship hulls...) and under various conditions. When analyzing the constituents of the glue they produce, a modified amino acid, L-DOPA (3,4-dihydroxy-L-phenylalanine), appears to be responsible for these exceptional properties.  Read more about L-DOPA

Symbiose Biomaterials is developing new bio-inspired synthetic polymers integrating L-DOPA (patent pending) as a multifunctional chemical platform for adhesion and coating development.

The L-DOPA-based polymers produced by Symbiose Biomaterials are synthesized in water, under mild conditions.


Those L-DOPA-based polymers can be used as adhesives (read more) or coating primers (read more).


  • Large variety of DOPA-based polymers

  • Self-crosslinking

  • Easy-to-process and environmentally friendly polymers

  • Development of multifunctional coatings or water-based adhesives

  • Compatible with usual coating technologies: dipping, spraying, roll-coating…